Through our understanding of key problematic issues relating to general horticulture and landscaping, Exquisite Plantscapes is able to provide a better, greener future for our environment.

We typically use conventional horticultural practices however, we are committed to assisting potential clients in reducing  their carbon footprint. At Exquisite Plantscapes, we are pleased to offer alternative organic solutions where clients can choose from the following options :-

  • Organic, natural fertiliser, mulches and soil.
  • Controlling garden pest and disease through integrated pest management practices (IPM).
  • Planting of indigenous species relevant to the local area.
  • Herb, fruit and vegetable production in the home garden.
  • Designing and constructing frog-friendly, cane-toad deterrent ponds and water features.
  • Water-wise irrigation systems.
  • Drought tolerant gardening thus minimising the need for large volumes of water.
  • Soil management thereby encouraging high biological activity.
  • Companion planting.

Our qualified staff have the necessary training to contemplate, develop and maintain those essential, functional and aesthetic horticultural requirements that suit your individual lifestyle and budget.