Complete & Organic Control of Poinciana caterpillars across Brisbane

We provide a complete, environmentally friendly and effective control measure for the Poinciana caterpillar plaguing trees across Brisbane.

Our services will disrupt the breeding cycle and prevent the caterpillars from causing serious damage to your trees.

For the previous three years Poinciana "inchworms" (Pericyma cruegeri) have descended upon properties across all of Brisbane, but particularly in the inner-northern suburbs of Clayfield, Hendra and Ascot. These caterpillars have been infesting trees and properties in mass proportions and have defoliated trees, resulting in decreasing blooms, causing considerable mess and damage to surrounding structures, and in extreme cases have resulted in the death of established trees.

- In the past this has been considered a once in seven year occurrence, but recently we attribute the extreme changes in environment to the problem becoming more regular. Over the past few flowering seasons we have seen a decline in onset of buds and many defoliated trees not producing any flowers at all.

Poinciana Trees Ascot Brisbane

We provide a three step process as follows and guarantee effective control of the Poinciana caterpillar, or will return for a follow up service within 14 days - Free of charge.

Step 1 - Clear the ground surrounding the tree of leaf litter and debris, then apply diatomaceous earth around the base of the tree. A physical barrier to prevent the inchworm crossing to the tree.

Step 2 - Installation of tree band with organic horticultural glue. A further barrier placed approximately 50cm high on the tree preventing the caterpillars reaching the foliage to feed (& hence breed). This barrier will trap any caterpillars using the trunk as access to the canopy to feed and reproduce.

Step 3 - Spraying with Bacillus thuringiensis - A natural bacteria that immediately stops all caterpillars from feeding on foliage, and subsequent death within 2-3 days. This application is applied with a high volume pressurised sprayer that reaches all leaves in trees from as low as 3, and up to 10 meters in height. This particular approach is safe and will not affect other beneficial insects or other wildlife. Unlike conventional insecticides, Bacillus thuringiensis poses no chemical risk to people or the environment.

All sprays and products used are guaranteed to be effective and organic in nature - In most cases all caterpillars will be killed, but any left remaining will be unable to cause any significant damage to the tree as the breeding cycle will be interrupted. In the event of heavy rain occurring within 3 days of the service, a follow up service will be provided to ensure complete control. 

Pricing starts from just $199.00 per treatment, but will vary depending on the size of the tree and level of infestation. In most cases we can give you a verbal quote over the phone for your tree and complete the service the same week upon your acceptance.

Contact us to discuss your needs or book a time for your treatment.