Lawn Care - Get an exquisite lawn today

Like an attention-grabbing hairstyle, a neatly cut lawn is the finishing touch to your unique harmonious landscape. Neat lawns not only look great but naturally support the environment over and above any other landscape plant.

Fact : It has been estimated that the average plot of residential turf captures enough carbon dioxide which is converted into sufficient oxygen to supply a family of 4. This simple yet effective natural occurrence reduces greenhouse gasses and purifies the precious air that we breathe.

Exquisite Plantscapes professional approach to weed, pest & disease identification will rejuvenate your existing lawn and restore it beyond its previous condition.  For peace of mind we are ACDC certified operators and only apply treatments in accordance with industry guidelines and only if necessary.

We offer a wide range of lawn care and lawn management services including mowing, fertilising, top-dressing, aeration and scarification as well as the installation of new turf. For a FREE no-obligation quote, contact us today.